We are offering several women only workshops in Skala Eressos this summer and will be adding more throughout the season.  These will include, art, music, shamanistic balancing and various holistic courses.  We will also be offering various therapies such as reflexology, various massage therapies, homeopathy and many more.

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Voice Workshops Art Workshops Releasing Creativity Workshops


Walks In & around Eressos  Getting to Know Lesvos through Photography


Getting to Know Lesvos through Photography

With Tzeli Hadjidimitriou

Tzeli is one of Greece's most respected photographers.  She was born and grew up on Lesvos and has written various books on the island.  She knows the island and its people intimately and has written a detailed guide to Lesvos.   As a result she is able to show you a side of the island visitors rarely see, bringing you into contact with its traditions and culture.  Visiting small villages to meet local people and trying local delicacies you will get a flavour of the island others rarely have the opportunity to experience.  At the same time you will learn how to use your camera to take professional looking photographs discovering a world flooded with light.

Tzeli will teach you how to see the light of Greece and its landscape with a photographers eye.  You will not only concentrate on the techniques of photography but  will focus on the art of photography and how transfer emotion into your photographs.  Tzeli will help you to come into contact with your senses and use them to create photographs that will impress.

You will learn composition

How to work with light

Photography techniques

How to use the elements around you to compose the picture you want and the techniques to transfer these into the picture itself

You will require single lens reflex digital camera to participate in this workshop.

The workshop will take place over 3 days and all travel around the island is included in the price.

Workshops will take place in May, June, September and October

For more information on Tzeli click on this link Tzelli Hadjidimitriou  or use the link at the bottom of the page to visit Tzeli's website Odoiporikon.

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Gerbien Fricke Art workshops

This workshop is about the fantastic creative potential that exists in everyone of us, just waiting to break loose.  It doesn't matter if you have never drawn a live model before- the human body offers a fascinating scala of possibilities for discovering your own creativity.  You will use the first hour to become comfortable with the materials and learn to use them in your own free style and the second hour to explore the endless possibilities of colour.

The focus will not be on making exquisite art, although you are free to do so of course. We will concentrate on exploring each womans unique handwriting in an encouraging and safe woman only space.

If you wish to explore your hidden creative talents and want to play with line patterns and colour you will  enjoy this two hour workshop.  All materials are supplied and included in the cost of the workshop.

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Walks In & around Eressos

Skala Eressos is surrounded by beautiful countryside where you can quickly be immersed in timeless peace and quiet and find the ages old traditional way of living. There are hundreds of country lanes and ëdonkey paths criss-crossing this valley,  and it is always rewarding to follow these ancient footways. You will discover wonderful views, tiny hidden chapels and  picturesque cottages. To start you off, here are a couple that begin in Skala itself.

Its no fun walking in blistering heat so I would advise that in summer you set out either after 4pm in the afternoon or before 8am in the morning. Take the usual precautions (tell someone where you are going, take your phone, water, hat etc) and make sure to close all gates you enter, keep dogs on a lead and keep a look out for snakes and scorpions when you go to sit down. They like stone walls too!

Walk from Skala Eressos to Eressos village (allow 2 hours)

Many people like to walk up to the village with its great choice of shops and restaurants but do not know there is a delightful, traffic free alternative to using the road.

Start outside Aeolian Village Hotel. Walk away from Skala for a couple of hundred yards towards the end of the beach where you will see a track off to the right. Follow this track and very shortly notice stones in the second field on your left. This is the foundation of an ancient temple.

Continue along the track which meanders into the valley through fig and olive plantations. When the track  forks to the left follow it (if you go right here it will return you to the road leading back towards the Aeolian Village). The track rises up and over a small hill and then drops down into another valley where you appear to be walking towards a wall of dry hills. Walk past some renovated cottages on your left. The track peters out soon after but becomes a path climbing up to the left.(After the one with a gate). It is often used by sheep and is quite stony and rutted for a while. The path brings you round to the back of the hills where it becomes much easier underfoot and you are in a much less barren area with oak trees,

You will once again join a wider track with lanes off to left and right but keep ahead. You will soon be walking parallel with the main road between Skala and Eressos which you may be able to see or hear from time to time. (particularly the petrol station sign). A track off to the right joins this road and if you want to head back this way you will pass the Eressos for Animals Sanctuary on your right.

The track broadens out  and you are now following a stream bed. You will see another track on the other side. If you cross the stream to join the main road at this point you will find the workshops and cafes at the bottom of the hill that climbs up to the main square in Eressos. Alternatively you could stay on the track which rises gently into a part of the village from which you will have to wind your way through alleyways across to the square. You can get a taxi back from the square.

Walk around Skala Eressos (allow 1 hour)

This is a wonderful walk which has it all; ancient ruins, the harbour, sea views, countryside and  a Byzantine church!

Walk along the front to the harbour. You could spend some time exploring the chapel and surrounding area where you may notice huge building stones. This area and the hill behind  were very important in ancient times. This is the port  and acropolis of the ancient city of Eressos. 

Follow the walled track between the hill and the chapel. This track will lead you right around the base of the hill past very dilapidated defensive foundations. Everywhere you will discover  bits of roman masonry or Greek columns as part of  the dry stone walls. If you are quite fit you could climb to the top of the hill. It is strenuous but the views are beautiful. The top of the hill is covered with archaeology. The two tower bases you can see are from Roman and Turkish times of occupation.

From the track at the base of the hill there are also lovely pastoral views. When the path forks, keep left. The path becomes quite narrow hugging the hill. Finally it drops down onto a concreted lane. It is also possible to continue round the  base of  the hill to the left and return to the harbour  road via some steep steps.

Follow this concreted lane which winds down through houses and gardens at the back of Skala. Take the first turning on your left which leads you towards the museum. (unfortunately this is not open to the public). On your right you will pass the  tomb of Saint Andreas, patron saint of the village. Next to that you will see an original Byzantine mosaic floor which has been excavated and preserved.

The next building on your right is the modern church. Turn right here and the street will take you past the bakery to the the centre of Skala.