Skala Eressos is a small and traditional village that has become a lesbian haven thanks to its most famous daughter 'Sappho the poetess'.  It has grown into a popular holiday location for women and many lesbians choose to spend their summer holidays here.  Whenever you come you will find other lesbian and creative women partying, swimming, having fun, creating and connecting together.


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It has taken many years but Skala Eressos is a place where you will instantly feel at home as a lesbian.  It is one of the few places in Europe where women can walk hand in hand and express their love for each other without a problem. Whether its a romantic meal for two on the terrace, a hug and kiss on the beach you will not find everyone staring at you here.

Women from all over the world come here to experience what many refer to as a 'Womens Paradise'.  There are many mis-conceptions about Skala Eressos, it is neither a wild party resort, nor a lesbian commune. It is just a place women come to enjoy a summer holiday amongst other women like them. It attracts women of all ages, backgrounds and interests from every corner of the world.

The beach is one of the best on the island and has a women's section.  Although this is a public beach open to everyone this area is mainly women only and for the most part families and men tend to use other parts of the beach.  The unnofficial nudist beach and the womens section over lap but nudism is optional so don't feel you have to join in.

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Some of the local bars and restaurants are owned, run and staffed by lesbians

The Tenth Muse was the first lesbian owned bar to open in Skala Eressos in 1997 and is still owned and run by Lena.  It is a small intimate bar inside, with plenty of seating outside for those hot, sultry nights.  Located on the main square by the sea you can enjoy a drink or snack whilst watching the world go by.  A popular choice for women The Tenth Muze holds regular dance parties and organizes day time activities such as five-a-side football.

The Aqua Bar, located on the waterfront with a terrace over the shore, is a great place for pre dinner cocktails and watching the sunset.  Owned by Vicki, who previously ran the famous Fuego bar which was known for its exciting women's parties. Vicki is repeating her success with Fuego's at Aqua and there are regular events held here.

Sappho Garden of the Arts is a totally unique bar - there is no where else quite like it.  A friendly bar with an open air theatre garden it has established it self as a popular bar where women can express and explore their creativity.  In the evenings there is a fun packed programme of performances by comediennes, singers and musicians.  Drag shows, open mike nights, party games and theatre performances are regularly held.  The Sappho Garden Cabaret held every Tuesday is the most popular night by far.  Held every week it is a chance for everyone to get up on stage and join in.  It doesn't matter what you want to do, the important thing on cabaret night is to get involved and have fun.  The passion and love for life and performing that fills the garden ensures that everyone has a great time.

The newest bar to be opened Is the chic and stylish Belle Ville Cafe, overlooking the sea and serving delicious food all day, excellent cocktails and coffees, the bar first opened its doors during the summer of 2009.   An instant hit with both locals and tourists it is open all day till the early hours.  In the evenings the atmosphere changes with music to chill out too while you sip a cocktail and watch the sun go down in the early evenings slowly being replaced by more upbeat sounds getting you in the mood to party.

belleville terracebelleville eressosBelle Ville Cafe Bar Skala Eressos

Two of Skala Eressos best restaurants are also owned by women.  Samadhi on the waterfront  with its terrace over the sea has been a favourite for many years.  Aubergine which opened on the main square opposite The Tenth Muse last year has quickly established a reputation for good food and like Samadhi is popular with locals as well as women.  Both restaurants offer an international menu that includes, curries, steaks, home made pizza's and house specialities.

There is a also an Internet Shop run by Hannah and her mother Karolina where you can check your emails, stay in touch with loved ones while your away and get your digital pictures printed.

Lastly is the animal sanctuary Eressos for Animals which is run by women and helps find homes for stray dogs as well working to bring vets to the village to carry out vital animal healthcare.  If your missing you're pets and fancy popping into the sanctuary for a look around and play with the puppies Ann and Jean will be happy to show you around.


So should you come here?  Well lets see


Do you want a beautiful beach holiday 

Do you want to spend your holiday in a stunning location          

Do you want to meet new women and make new friends

Do you want to party and have fun with other lesbians

Do you want to relax and chill out

Skala Eressos is a wonderful, vibrant and exciting place, it never fails to surprise you and will grab hold of your heart forever.